I’m not evil!

I am so happy to help this cause. I backed this project on KICKSTARTER! I pray this grows so big that there will be a hall in the Smithsonian or at HRC or every high school in the world. PLEASE HELP!

Please support this VERY worthy cause:

This is the direct link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/troybthompson/no-evil-project-exhibit-redefining-stereotypes

PLEASE HELP! A few bucks will be SO NICE! If you don’t have a No Evil Project participant page, please go to mine and get to it! www.noevilproject.com/aj PLEASE HELP!

Troy B. Thompson is a beloved friend and I seriously want you to help me help him. I will take everyone that helps him $25 or more out for coffee at Starbucks. I did enough to have a huge poster for my office. PLEASE HELP!


AJ is an HR consultant, classroom trainer, life coach and workshop leader who drives audiences toward authentic personal growth and advancement. A Worcester, MA native with wellness-centered focus, he guides area businesses, community groups and individual clients out of their way and onto the path of achieving goals. Deep down an opinionated foodie who tastes every bit of life, AJ is available to speak to you, your group, business or organization on generally any topic from A-Z. As you can see his talent for engagement is limitless. Questions? Comments? Favors? Jobs? I listen and respond. Send me a note or question.

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