Tending my garden variety life… 

“If the grass looks greener on the other side, it’s just life’s way of reminding me to water the grass I’m standing on.”

This is one of many powerful reminders (affirmations) Marc and Angel suggested today…powerful affirmations we should say to ourselves

Doing the dirty work – weeding, pruning and other thankless / unlavish activities – isn’t fun. Today, I have a lovely sense of the fruits that will ripen in the coming year. 

All is well, right in the glorious way it should be. 

Take good care. 


AJ is an HR consultant, classroom trainer, life coach and workshop leader who drives audiences toward authentic personal growth and advancement. A Worcester, MA native with wellness-centered focus, he guides area businesses, community groups and individual clients out of their way and onto the path of achieving goals. Deep down an opinionated foodie who tastes every bit of life, AJ is available to speak to you, your group, business or organization on generally any topic from A-Z. As you can see his talent for engagement is limitless. Questions? Comments? Favors? Jobs? I listen and respond. Send me a note or question.

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